Ayurvedic Ointments

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Composition: net contents: 10ml.

neelgiri oil    13%
Pudina Satva    08%
Wintergreen    08%
Karpoor Satva    08%
Pine Oil    05%
Lemongrass Oil    05%
Cajuput oil    03%
Ajowan Satwa    02%
Cinnamon oil    01%
Mentha Piperata    01%
Nutmeg oil    01%
Clove Oil    01%
Saffron Satva    0.05%
Ointment Base    q.s.

Direction: Apply on affectd area and massage gently.

Indication : For Headeche, Muscular pain, Cold etc.

Packing: 10ml
₹ 30
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Each 75g contains:
Herbal extract 2.5% derived form 1 gm each of Neem (Azadirachta Indica)
Tulsi (Ocimum santum)
Molsiri (Mimusops elingi)
Kankol (Piper Cubeba)
Patang (Caesalpina sappa)
Babool (Acacia Arabica)
Khair (Acacia Catechu)
Bol (Commiphora myrrha)
Lavang (Syzygium aromaticum)
Dalchini (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
Elaichi (Amomum subulatum)
Kachur (Curcurma zedoaria)
Jayphal (Myristica fragrance)
Akhrot (Juglansregia)
Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi)
Katfal (Myrica nagi)
Karkatshringi (Pistacia integerrima)
Saunf (Foeniculum vulgare)
Marich (Piper nigrum)
Rajjamum (ammi)
Amla (Emblica offcinalis)
Bahera (Terminalia belerica)
Harikati (Terminalia chebula)
Yashti Madhu (Glycyrrhiza)
Sodium Saccharin
Sodium benzoate and purified water q.s

Indications: Neem Tulsi contains perfect combination of herbs which are the best in ayurveda and recommended by the dentist.
Neem Tulsi fights against total dental problems.
Neem Tulsi stops bad breath and tooth decay
Neem Tulsi protects gums from germs.
Neem Tulsi prevents pyorrhea.Neem Tulsi contains natural mouthwash and gives excellent freshness
Packing: (Net Wt. 75gm)
₹ 82
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(Each 25g contains):
Extracts of Neem                  10%
Mehandi Patta                       5%
Nirgundi                                4%
Turmeric                               2%
Raal                                     2%
Pudina Sat                            0.2%
Glycerine                             5%
Til Oil                                   10%
Cream Base                          60%
Direction for use: To help prevent infection in minor superficial burns, cuts and wounds. First apply cold water, then apply Burn Hurb directly under hygienic conditions or smear on sterile dressings for applications to the affected part. Seek your doctor’s advise if required.
Packing: (Net Wt. 25g)
₹ 65
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Ingredients: Aqua, cream base, glycerine, sodium pca, almond oil,
Mineral oil, sheabutter, kozic acid, nano partical of zinc oxide burnt zinc
oxide, Octylmethyl cinnamate, vit-E acetate, liquorice extracts, sodium
benzoate, phenoxy ethnol, i-urea, triclosan, methyl iso thiazolinone,
Directions of use : Apply twice daily as a fairness enhancer for dark and
dull complexion.
A unique natural formulation eliminates extra milanine and gives faire
complexion day by day. Nano white, Vit-E, Zinc oxide liquorices shield the face and body from invading elements and gives long last moisturizing
Packing : (50 g)
₹ 90
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Each 75gm paste contains:

Extracts of: Nimb 0.1% Majuphal 0.5%, Mulhethi 0.3%, Kulanjan 0.3%, Fennel 0.5%, Jeevanti 0.3%, Bakul 0.2%, Babool 0.5%
Oils of: Nutmeg 0.2%, Eycalyptus 0.25%, Pudina 0.2%, Cardamom 0.3%, Glycerin 5%

Key Ingredient: Potassium Nitrate 5% (Kalmi sora)

Base q.s.

Indications: Dentoclide contains perfect combination of herbs which are the best in ayurveda and recommended by the dentist.
  • Dentoclide fights against total dental problems.
  • Dentoclide stops bad breath and tooth decay
  • Dentoclide protects gums from germs.
  • Dentoclide prevents pyorrhea.
  • Dentoclide contains natural mouthwash and gives excellent freshness. 
Packing: (Net Wt. 75gm)
₹ 72
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Fresh stabilized aloe-Vera (juice)           50% w/w
With natural chlorophyll
In a gel base                                                    q.s.

  • Hyper-pigmentation,
  • Acne,
  • Scare,
  • Strech Marks &
  • Scalp Disorders

.PACKING: (100gm)
₹ 115
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