BODY GROW is highly recommended for athletes, body builders, weight lifters, growing children, aged person and for everyone desirous of healthy use style.

BODY GROW helps build resistance against illness.
BODY GROW reduced time and cramping.
Net. Wt. 300 gms

Athletes, body builders and fitness enthusiasts have always dependent on protein to supply building blocks of muscle & drive performance. To maximize these benefits body grow uses a perfect blend of proteins ( whey protein, soya protein, skimmed milk powder), complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support protein synthesis and lean muscle mass gains. Nutrients like fat, carbohydrates, minerals & vitamins which help in body development, increases stamina & build muscle. It is highly recommended for athletes, body builder, weight lifters, and growing children. Also it helps to build resistance against illness.

Not recommended for diabetic patients

Energy                        370kcal.            Vitamin B2                             2mg.
Protein 20%                    25gm.            Vitamin B6                             2mg.
Fat                                   5gm.            Folic Acid                               1mg.
Carbohydrates                 61mg.            Dicalcium Phosphate          1330mg.
DHA                               90mg.             Pufa                                     0.02g.
Glutamic Acid                   2gm.             Mufa                                    0.03g.
Tributes Terresitis            1.0gm.            Cholesterol                                0g.
Ashwagandha                    1gm.            Energy Value                      365kcal.
Vitamin B1                        2mg.

Directions for use: To make a delicious, creamy glass of body grow add three heaped tablespoons (approx. 50gm) to one glass of milk & stir. Mixing will be easier in blender.

Packing: (300gm)


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