Each 10gm contains:
Shatavari                      300mg.
Ashwagandha             300mg.
Yashti-madhu              200mg.
Lodhra                          200mg.
Konch                           200mg.
Vidarikand                    100mg.
Gamhar                        100mg.
And Oils
Olive Oil                          1ml.
Castor Oil                        2ml.
Wheat germ Oil              2ml.
Sunflower Oil                  2ml.
Sesame Oil (Till Tel)      3ml.
Methods of use: Apply on breast and massage using firm and circular strokes.

  • Breastar massage Cream stimulates blood circulation,
  • Rejuvenates skin cells and helps in development of Breasts.
  • Also Improves skin tone, body and bust line.
Packing: (80 gm.)

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