Each Tea bag contains:
Tagar           - 100mg
Nagarmotha  - 120mg
Vaivdang      - 260mg
Triphala        - 265mg
Elachi          - 100mg
Mulathi         - 120mg
Punernava    - 80mg
Badyan Khatai- 60mg
Gorakhan     - 60mg
Dalchini        - 40mg
Kalimirch      - 30mg
Majistha       - 30mg
Pippali          - 20mg
Ginseng       - 25mg
Bhrit panchmool- 240mg
Green Tea    - 30mg
Arni              - 60mg

Dosage:  3 Tea bags a day. Dip a tea in a cup of hot water (100ml approx.) for 2-3 minutes and shake well. 
For better result please avoid Sugar and Milk.

Clide slim Tea is a unique herbal drink for health problem like overweight , constipation and gas formation , Regular use help in removing constipation and gas formation. Slim clide Tea does this in the most effective manner due to therapeutic value of herbs used in this infomation.

Packing: 30 Tea Bags


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