Each 75gm paste contains:

Extracts of: Nimb 0.1% Majuphal 0.5%, Mulhethi 0.3%, Kulanjan 0.3%, Fennel 0.5%, Jeevanti 0.3%, Bakul 0.2%, Babool 0.5%
Oils of: Nutmeg 0.2%, Eycalyptus 0.25%, Pudina 0.2%, Cardamom 0.3%, Glycerin 5%

Key Ingredient: Potassium Nitrate 5% (Kalmi sora)

Base q.s.

Indications: Dentoclide contains perfect combination of herbs which are the best in ayurveda and recommended by the dentist.
  • Dentoclide fights against total dental problems.
  • Dentoclide stops bad breath and tooth decay
  • Dentoclide protects gums from germs.
  • Dentoclide prevents pyorrhea.
  • Dentoclide contains natural mouthwash and gives excellent freshness. 
Packing: (Net Wt. 75gm)

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