Directions: Massage on to wet scalp/hair gently. Rinse thoroughly. For best results use daily.

Each 10ml contains:

Aloe vera ext.               50mg
Soapnut ext.                 50mg
Nimb Satva                  10mg
Jatamanshi Satva       10mg
Heena Satva                10mg
Pudina Satva               10mg
Bhringraj Satva            10mg
Purified water                q.s.
Sugandhin & colour     q.s.
Ayurvedic Propritery Medicine

Regular use of Kesh Clide herbal shampoo
Reduce hair fall due to breakage. Kesh Clide formula nourishes the hair root and helps strengthen hair. To get the maximum benefits also use Kesh Clide hair oil.
Packing: 500ml

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