Nutritional information (approximate value)
Per serving                                                (per ml)
Energy value                                   1.20kcal
Carbohydrate                                  300mg
Protein                                             0.00gm
Fat                                                    0.00gm
Vitamin A (as Palmitate)                 3000IU
Vitamin D3                                       400IU
Vitamin B1                                       1mg
Vitamin B2                                       1mg
Niacinamide                                    10mg
Vitamin B6                                       1mg
D-Panthenol                                    3mg
Vitamin E acetate                           2.5IU
Recommended usage: For children below 1 year 0.5ml.For children above 1 year 1ml.may be administrated by mixing in water, milk, milk lemoules, fruit juices, sweeted water, cereals, soups, desserts or any other liquid or semi liquid food or as directed by the dietician.
Other ingredients:
Sorbitol solution 70%, Polysorbate 80, Citic Acid, flavours,
Packing: 15ml

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