Each 5ml contains extract of following:
Arjun chaal         200mg.
Shatavari            200mg.
Ashwagandha     200mg.
Vidarikand           100mg.
Safed musli           50mg.
Amla                    300mg.
Mulethi                 200mg.
Shankhpushpi      100mg.
Gokhru                 100mg.
Amruta                  100mg.
Vach                     100mg.
Soyabean             100mg.
Base liquid glucose & malt extract  q.s.

1-2 teaspoonfuls twice a day with milk. Or as directed by the Physician.
Proclide malt is a true restorative & nutrient tonic.
Proclide malt strengthens bones, improves blood & increases appetite.

Packing: (400gm)

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