Each 20g contains:
Berberis Aristata                    0.4%
Symplocos Racemosa           0.4%
Curcuma Longa                     1.0%
Pterocarpus Santalinus          0.4%
Rubia Cordifolia                      0.4%
Aloevera                                 0.4%
Shorea Robusta                     0.4%
Lawsonia Intermis                  0.4%
Sesam Oil                               6.4%
Coconut Oil                             1.0%

How to use: Apply Psorises ointment thoroughly over affected area or as directed by the Physician.

Psorises Ointment is useful in symptoms of Psorises.

MRP: 125.00
Packing: 25g

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